Olga Chrzanowska

Najważniejszym punktem mojego grantu badawczego była ilość i jakość konsultacji i pomocy, jaką otrzymałem od specjalistów z różnych środowisk, takich jak architekci, artyści, młodzi międzynarodowi badacze, profesorowie, kuratorzy muzeów zajmujący się projektowaniem i archiwiści. Bardzo polecam stypendia Fulbrighta innym naukowcom z dziedziny sztuki, designu i architektury.

I applied for a Fulbright Scholarship within the first four months of my doctoral studies in Issues of Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering and Architecture (research discipline – Architecture and Urban Planning) at Lodz University of Technology. Several months later, after a successful application process and several invitation letters from top Universities in the US, I have decided to join the History of Art Department at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

With strong support from my two exceptional mentors: Michel Leja and David Brownlee, professors in twentieth-century art and architecture, I was able to better understand European and American correspondence in modern design concepts. I was also invited as a guest member to Humanities+ Urbanism+ Design Initiative Colloquia sponsored by Mellon Foundation at the University of Pennsylvania for the academic year 2019/2020 where with a group of twenty scholars we discussed issues concerning modern cities.

The highlight of my research grant was the amount and quality of consulting and assistance I received from specialists of various backgrounds, such as architects, artists, young international researchers, professors, museum curators in design and archivists to name only a few. I highly recommend Fulbright scholarships to my fellow researchers in disciplines of art, design, and architecture.

Łódź, Politechnika Łódzka. Olga Chrzanowska była stypendystką programu Junior Research Award 2019-20.

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