The Pamela Howland Fund for cross-cultural musical connections

The Pam Howland Fund for Cross-Cultural Musical Connections was established to honor the memory of Pamela Howland, pianist and educator, and her extraordinary passion for music and music education and for bringing people together through art.

Pamela Joan Howland (December 24, 1956 – September 22, 2021) cherished her time as a Fulbright Scholar in Poland in the academic year 2017/2018. She taught a course on the history of American music at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań’s Faculty of English, but her stay in Poland was about so much more than her formal assignment. Pam enthusiastically shared her talent by giving concerts for numerous audiences across Poland. After completing her scholarship, she became an active alumna keeping close relationships with her host department, fellow alumni,  numerous Polish friends and colleagues, and the Fulbright Commission. 

She was a truly big-hearted person who cared about other people immensely. It was Pam who organized her cohort of American grantees to sing together at the Thanksgiving dinner or arranged a choir of grantees for the graduation ceremony. She was also the driving force behind the initiative to commemorate the late Michael Gilmor. Thanks to Pam’s talent, her determination and numerous concerts she performed both in the U.S. and Poland – an initiative organized together with Briana Krewson – over $20,000 was collected and the Michael Gilmor Fund for Leadership and Empowerment was established.

Pam passed away unexpectedly shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. She had so many more plans and ideas, including returning to Poland to engage in further educational projects, which she will not be able to pursue. Yet, thanks to the Pam Howland Fund, her efforts will be remembered and they will live on. This fund honors and promotes values and ideas that Pam held dear. 

What is the purpose of the Fund

The objective of the Pam Howland Fund is to explore and exchange various aspects of American and Polish cultures, and promote intercultural education in Poland and in the United States through music. Specifically, this fund is to support a variety of activities conducted by American Fulbright grantees in Poland and Polish Fulbright grantees in the US, as well as by Fulbright Poland alumni from both countries.

We encourage interested musicians to use the Fund to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds, especially to finance projects that move beyond offering their own musical performances. The project might be interdisciplinary, however it must include a musical component. Interactive forms of audience engagement will be prioritized. We also especially encourage projects aimed at empowering girls and young women in musical performance, which Pam felt strongly about.

The funds have been collected thanks to the generous contributions of individual donors. If you wish to support the initiative, please consider making a donation (either in Polish zlotys or US dollars).

Fulbright Assistance Fund

Make a tax-deductible donation through a US-based Institute of International Education. Choose “Poland Fulbright Assistance Fund” under Select Fund. Under Tribute Information, select “In Memory of:” and then add Pam Howland in the space provided.

Wire transfer

You can make a wire transfer in US dollars to our Commission’s bank account:
Recipient: Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission
Bank: Citibank New York
Account number: 30944969
ABA (routing number): 021000089
Transfer title: Pam Howland Fund

Facebook fundraiser

Creating a fundraiser and making a donation takes just a few clicks. At the same time, it allows you to spread the information about the fundraiser among your friends. Facebook charges no fees on donations made to nonprofits on Facebook.
To set up a fundraiser, go to and select @FulbrightPolska from the list.

Who is eligible to apply for funding through Pam Howland fund?

American Fulbright grantees in Poland and Polish Fulbright grantees in the US, as well as Fulbright Poland alumni from both countries.

Apply for the Pam Howland Fund

The fund provides up to 2.000 PLN of support per project to help cover expenses such as accommodation, travel (economy class train/bus tickets, local transportation), space and instruments/equipment rental, score/sheet music copy costs, royalties, purchase of materials needed for the project. It is necessary to apply by sending a form at least 3 weeks before the project start date, in which the details of the project and estimated costs are indicated. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and it is possible to apply and receive the funding multiple times. 

Funds are granted by the Management Board of the Fulbright Commission based on available resources and the quality of submitted proposals.

Funding eligibility:

  • Projects must be based in Poland or the US.
  • Projects may include workshops, presentations, master classes,  and other events.
  • Projects should focus on promoting and sharing American culture in Poland and Polish culture in the US, as well as encouraging the values of cultural exchanges. 

Activities/projects not eligible for this funding:

  • Traveling to conferences, taking part in competitions.
  • Educational work outside of Poland and the US.
  • Projects that primarily focus on other Fulbrighters as a target group of the activities

In order to receive the reimbursement, grantees/alumni have to submit a report and photos taken during their projects, as well as Reimbursement Claim Form and receipts within 7 days of the project completion. This information will be shared with Pamela Howland’s family, and may be used by the Commission for promotional purposes.


Aleksandra Braumańska

Aleksandra Braumańska

Senior Event and ETA Program Officer

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