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Agnieszka Cenzartowicz FulbrightDo apply! Think of your research, outline your topic commenting on all the issues that need to be addressed, spice it up with your personality (personal statement) and apply. Do not hesitate! My Fulbright led to first a fantastic fellowship with Loyola University of Chicago, Anitrust and Customer Protection Center led by Prof. Spencer W. Waller, an internship with ILAttorney General Office, an Adjunct position with IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law, visiting professor status to the National University of Internal Affairs in Kharkiv, Ukraine, work for EWMI/Partners for Financial Stability Program (PFS), Executive Director for SAL in Poland, Georgia and Ukraine, law practice, … a challenging professional and happy personal life. Highly recommended route to take 🙂

Fulbright is a task to be completed; an award that makes the awardee even more obliged (not privileged!) to research, interact, make new connections and learn only for one simple reason: passing forward the knowledge gained.

While applying for the Fulbright grant keep the following questions in mind: How would the university/research center benefit from my presence in the US? Why should the Fulbright Commission invest in me?

The Polish – American Fulbright Commission’s goal is to support those who are both smart and able to make a change in their respective field. The Commission is not a travel agency or a nice grandma founding follies. This testimonial is to be read by you, my dear Colleague. Do not let anybody stop you from taking a chance. Fulbright aims to promote those with brains – not with the connections.

Build your confidence and … do apply.
Best of luck!

Kindest regards,
Agnieszka ‘Aga’ Cenzartowicz, LL.M.