New opportunities for collaboration between Polish and American scholars. Joint program of the National Science Centre and the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Senior Award grantees returning to Poland will have an opportunity to continue their collaboration with scholars from the United States thanks to the funding obtained from the National Science Centre. This is a result of an agreement between the two institutions.

“We have created a joint program that will make collaboration between scholars working in Poland and their colleagues working in the United States much easier,” says Dr. Marcin Liana, Deputy Director of the National Science Centre.

The general agreement on cooperation was signed in December of last year. It stipulates that the National Science Centre (NCN) and the Fulbright Commission will create joint initiatives to facilitate scientific research and international collaboration, as well as work towards internationalization and promotion of Polish science. The first tangible outcome of the program will be collaboration on the Fulbright Senior Award program, with the application process starting on February 8, 2024.

The Fulbright Senior Award program enables Polish scholars who hold, at a minimum, a Ph.D. degree and are employed at higher education or research institutions in Poland, to carry out independent 3-10 months research or research and teaching projects in the United States. Applications are accepted in all fields of study and from applicants at any career stage.

The National Science Center will designate experts who will be involved in the program’s selection committee in the academic year 2025-26. Additionally, program fellows will have the opportunity to obtain funding from the Centre for the continuation of collaboration with American scientists upon their return to Poland.

Ten grantees whose projects focus on basic research will be eligible to receive funding for their research. The funding can be allocated for research directly related to the implemented project. The grant can cover expenses such as the purchase of materials and small equipment, participation in seminars, as well as the costs of travel associated with the research component.

The proposal for collaboration originated with the Fulbright Commission. “Sustaining and developing transatlantic cooperation can be a significant challenge. Thanks to the joint program with the National Science Centre, a substantial number of our scholars will have the tools to genuinely continue their work with their American counterparts,” emphasizes Justyna Janiszewska, Executive Director of the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission.

The NCN will allocate a maximum of two million PLN for the implementation of the program. The research covered by the program can last up to one and a half years from the signing of the agreement between the NCN and the grantee home institution. The maximum grant amount researchers can apply for from the NCN is 200,000 PLN.

“For the NCN, this program is important as it supports the international initiatives created by scientists working in Poland. We already have projects with our American counterpart, the American National Science Foundation, and the joint program with the Fulbright Commission further strengthens this collaboration with the United States,” adds Dr. Marcin Liana.

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Call for applications for the 2025-26 Fulbright Senior Award will begin on February 8, 2024, and will run until June 5. List of nominees is expected to be announced in January 2025. Prospective applicants will find all the necessary information to apply here: Fulbright Senior Award.

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