TopMinds mentoring program – call for applications

TopMinds is a mentoring program that opens doors to international careers for young Polish scientists.

The Top 500 Innovators Association, an association of scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as specialists in technology transfer and commercialization, along with the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission, facilitator of scientific and cultural exchange between Poland and the United States, invite Polish students to participate in the TopMinds mentoring program.

TopMinds is a mentoring program that opens doors to international careers for young Polish scientists. So far, six editions of the program have taken place, benefiting nearly 190 young individuals and their mentors!

Who is this program for?

Program is intended for individuals preparing doctoral dissertations at Polish universities or research institutions, as well as students in their final year of master’s studies, who are planning their careers in the field of science.

Applications from individuals who stand out in the academic field, are passionate and ambitious, focusing not only on success in the academic environment but also on continuous development, are highly encouraged.

Why is it worth it?

The TopMinds program is a mentoring initiative based on building relationships, an individual approach, and the transfer of knowledge and experiences. Therefore, each participant has a unique opportunity to thrive under the guidance of one of our collaborating scientists, experts representing various fields of science and culture – alumni of Fulbright Program and Top 500 Innovators. The uniqueness and effectiveness of this approach are confirmed by the participants themselves:

In the upcoming year, participants can also expect competency training.

The TopMinds program allows you to gain knowledge, strengthen key competencies, expand your network, and learn best practices under the guidance of outstanding specialists!

The partner for this year’s edition is Częstochowa University of Technology, the oldest and largest university in the Częstochowa region with over 70 years of tradition.

More information about the program, including its regulations, application form, and a full list of mentors, is available on the website

The deadline for applications is October 27th at 4:00 PM. CEST.

We encourage you to participate in the program and to spread the word. If you have any questions, please contact the organizers at: [email protected]

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