Fulbrighters – women of success

Throwback to the times when Vogue Polska published a series of articles dedicated to Fulbright Poland alumni. These inspiring women represent various fields, institutions, life experiences, and perspectives, but they also have things in common – openness to new possibilities, determination in fulfilling their dreams, and, of course, participation in the Fulbright Program. We invite you to discover their Fulbright experiences and how their careers have developed post-Fulbright. Articles are published in Polish.

Weronika Banaś on biomaterial design in New York: https://www.vogue.pl/a/kobieta-sukcesu-weronika-banas-rozwoj-nie-zna-granic

Judyta Cichocka on a career in science in the field of architectural design optimization: https://www.vogue.pl/a/kobieta-sukcesu-judyta-cichocka-o-karierze-w-nauce

Jennifer Croft on the work of translation, the lack of inclusivity in American literature, and her fascination with the Polish wilderness: https://www.vogue.pl/a/jennifer-croft-autorka-przekladow-ksiazek-olgi-tokarczuk

Aleksandra Kamińska on gender, queer, and sexuality, as well as reconciling research with artistic interests: https://www.vogue.pl/a/kobieta-sukcesu-aleksandra-kaminska-stypendystka-fulbrighta

Anna Łosiak on working as a planetary geologist, an internship at NASA, and her Master’s studies in the USA: https://www.vogue.pl/a/kobieta-sukcesu-anna-losiak-o-kobietach-w-nauce

Aleksandra Przegalińska on artificial intelligence and combining philosophy with journalism: https://www.vogue.pl/a/nikt-mi-nie-podcinal-skrzydel

    Joanna Socha on studying abroad at Columbia University and working in journalism: https://www.vogue.pl/a/stypendystka-fulbrighta-o-studiach-w-nowym-jorku

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