Fulbright Specialist Program – summary of 2023 projects

We invite you to explore the projects executed within the Fulbright Specialist Program in Poland in 2023. Fulbright Specialist Program allows universities, cultural centers, non-governmental organizations and other institutions to develop collaborative projects which host a leading U.S. academic or professional at their institution to work on diverse, short-term collaborative projects focused on education and training. 

We warmly encourage Polish institutions interested in collaborating with American specialists to submit their project proposals. The deadline for projects to be conducted in 2024 is December 8, 2023. For more information (available in Polish), please visit: fulbright.edu.pl/specialist.

University of Rzeszów, Institute of Archaeology

  • Specialist: Ashley Dumas
  • Field of study: Archeology
  • Project: Public Archaeology to Save Polish Heritage

Prof. Ashley Dumas from the University of West Alabama conducted guest lectures at the Doctoral School at the University of Rzeszow. The lectures were part of an interdisciplinary elective course. They focused on the promotion and popularization of science, as well as the characteristics of scientific and educational work of scholars in universities in the United States. Doctoral students had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the specifics of scientific work in the United States and broaden their teaching skills in higher education.

University of Opole, Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Specialist: William E. Hills
  • Field of study: Public/Global Health
  • Project: Best Practices and Innovations in Gerontology (Najlepsze praktyki i innowacje w gerontologii)

Prof. William Hills visited the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Opole. The topics presented during the visit focused on the highly relevant interdisciplinary issues of human aging and societal aging (gerontology) from a scientific, political, and social perspective.

During discussions with Prof. Hills, directions for future collaboration were outlined, including faculty and student exchanges between Coastal Carolina University and the University of Opole, joint authorship of scientific grants, cooperation with the editorial board of a scientific quarterly, and the organization of a scientific conference in 2024.

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute

  • Specialist: Adam Kochański
  • Field of study: Environmental Science
  • Project: Development of fire modeling with the WRF-Sfire

Prof. Adam Kochański co-led workshops and presented modern meteorological modeling methods for forestry and firefighting services. The initiative was primarily aimed at representatives of fire schools, provincial training centers of the State Fire Service (PSP), members of the Małopolska Ground Forest Fire Fighting using Vehicles, and employees of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krakow. The workshops aimed to familiarize participants with modern technologies used in locating fire sites, assisting in reaching the incident location, and supporting coordination of firefighting efforts in forest areas. Additionally, the goal was to acquaint participants with solutions used to prevent, combat, and mitigate the effects of forest fire-related hazards. During the workshops, Prof. Kochański delivered a presentation titled “Numerical Products for Supporting Fire Decision Making.”

Kraków University of Economics, Institute of Finances

  • Specialist: Paul Wachtel
  • Field of study: Economics
  • Project: Reforming financial education in a rapidly changing world

The main purpose of Prof. Paul Wachtel’s visit was to analyze the financial education curriculum and provide assistance in its reform. His visit was also the primary reason for organizing an international scientific conference by the Department of Banking and Global Financial System of the University of Economics in Krakow on April 27-28, 2023, titled: “This time is different: Post-pandemic banking and financial markets.” The conference aimed to discuss current trends in banking and financial markets, as well as opportunities to increase the profitability of banks and stability of the financial sector. Post-conference publications include a special issue of the “Bezpieczny Bank” journal, published by the Polish Bank Guarantee Fund, and a monograph edited by Prof. Paul Wachtel and Prof. Ewa Miklaszewska.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznań Institute of Technology

  • Specialist: Artur Dubrawski
  • Field of study: Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Project: Strategy for development of AI competences

The visit of Prof. Artur Dubrawski was an opportunity to develop a strategy for the advancement of artificial intelligence at the Poznań Institute of Technology, especially within the activities of the Computer Science Research Group, which is engaged in AI research. Prof. Dubrawski and the team of the Computer Science Research Group outlined further development plans. According to the specialist, Poland has the potential to become a leader in artificial intelligence in Europe. He believes that the most attractive aspect of science is its ability to change the world, influence others, and even save human lives. The role of science and scientists is also to ensure that their work enables the realization of projects that meet societal needs. The aim is for society to benefit from science, and for solutions developed by researchers to have a real impact on their everyday lives.

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