Polish grantees pre-departure orientation and two graduations

Zdjęcie przedstawia osoby biorące udział w graduacji polskich stypendystów i stypendystek 2019-20

End of May was full of events and long-awaited in-person meetings. Apart from the annual orientation for Polish grantees departing for the U.S. within the next few months, we organized two “delayed” graduations for Polish Fulbrighters who completed their grants in 2019-20 and 2020-21. Graduations were delayed due to the pandemic. 

On May 13th, we met for the first time our new Polish grantees during an all-day pre-departure orientation. The event took place in Warsaw at Marzyciele i Rzemieślnicy – Dom Innowacji Społecznych (Artisans and Dreamers. House for Social Innovation) and consisted of several information and Q&A sessions. The same day, in the evening, our Fulbright “newbies” had a chance to meet 2020-21 Polish alumni during their graduation ceremony, which was held at Klub Bankowca. Many grantees left for the U. S. several months after the pandemic had started; others deferred their grants and started their grants at later times. Together with representatives from the U.S. Embassy Warsaw and the Ministry of Education and Science, who were also present at the ceremony, we would like to thank you all for your flexibility in the difficult pandemic reality and congratulate you upon a successful completion of your Fulbright grants. 

Barely two weeks later, on May 26th, we had the pleasure to host a graduation ceremony for the cohort of 2019-20 Polish alumni at Concept 13 Restaurant in Warsaw. In most cases, this is the cohort whose grants were suddenly disrupted by the beginning of the pandemic while they had been in the middle of their stay in the United States. It’s been three years since we saw them in person and we were more than thrilled to finally be able to congratulate them properly that they finished their grants despite being caught in the difficult and unpredictable early pandemic circumstances. Representatives of the U.S. Embassy Warsaw and the Ministry of Education and Science extended our congratulations in their respective speeches and wished all the Fulbright graduates further success.

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