Olga Chrzanowska


I am an architect, critic and research scholar in architecture. My research interests lie at the intersection of modernism and postmodernism in the twentieth century’s art and architecture. I won a Fulbright Junior Research Award 2019/2020 and was a Visiting Scholar at the History of Art Department, University of Pennsylvania, PA. At that time I was also a Guest Member to Humanities + Urbanism + Design Initiative Colloquia sponsored by Mellon Foundation. I inherited my artistic and intellectual curiosity from Lodz’s early twentieth-century Polish painters and avant-gardists Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro. That inspired me to organize The Parametric Design P3 Workshops with the former Bauhaus School – Dessau Institute of Architecture. As a result of the workshops, the P3 Parametric Pavilion, Polish first large-scale structure of that kind, was exhibited at Lodz Design Festival 2013. In my leisure time, I enjoy travelling. In the past decade, I visited over eighty cities and produced hundreds of study sketches in charcoal and watercolor.

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