Laken Brooks

Getting to go to class every day, feeling like I’m making a real difference in someone’s life, in seeing their confidence in English grow, bit by bit every time they speak, has been truly phenomenal. I’ve learned about the culture, I’ve learned about myself, and I’ve learned my purpose in life – to help other people, and to make cross-cultural connections, and I’ll always be grateful to Fulbright for doing that.

Chad Austin

My time in Poland was one of the best chapters of my life. Amazing people, wonderful students, great colleagues as part of the Fulbright Program, and I already miss it a lot.

Donna McCullough

I think that Fulbright has not only allowed me to learn more about myself as I currently am, but also learn more about what I want to do later in life, and where I want to go from here, and I think that’s the biggest blessing I could have been given.

Joanna Śliwa

It has been a few years since my Fellowship ended, but my immersion in Polish language, culture, and daily life has had a durable and meaningful effect on me as a person, educator, and scholar.
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