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Urszula Marcinkowska FulbrightMy supervisor informed me about the Fulbright Program during my post-doc fellowship on Jagiellonian University Medical College. At the beginning I was hesitant, as almost one year on a different continent seemed like a lot, especially when traveling with two very young kids. After evaluating all pros and cons me and my family decided to buckle up and join this, what seemed to be, crazy adventure. Contact with my hosting institution, Yale University, was smooth and they provided me with a lot of information. They answered all of my questions and helped me out even with very prosaic issues like buying used furniture or searching for pediatricians.

I didn’t expect cultural shock when coming from Europe to USA. I was wrong though. Although there are multiple similarities, we had to learn a lot of new things. Now, being 4 months in, I can say that there definitely will be things that I will miss. I like smiling neighbors, friendly people talking to you on the streets and, most importantly, the amazing support I was given on the university.

I work on Anthropology Department, in Yale Reproductive Ecology Laboratory. My project is about facial cognition and endocrinological bases of human behavior. Working in an interdisciplinary group is very enriching and Yale University is a great place to be as a scholar. The list of things I have learnt here is very very long. From practical skills in laboratory work, through all the books I have read, to observing skilled academics in their work. This 2 semesters for sure will have a long term impact on me and my future plans as to what kind of academic I want to be in Poland.

Dr Urszula Marcinkowska była stypendystką Fulbright Senior Award w roku akademickim 2018-19.