Usha Nair-Reichert

Fulbright Specialist Program

I was delighted when I heard that I had received a Fulbright Specialist Award to Poland during the academic year 2015-16. This highly competitive and prestigious award enabled me to visit the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), one of the premier institution in the field of economics in Poland, and collaborate with the World Economy Research Institute (WERI) in program development, and faculty and student exchanges. I was a guest speaker in courses on multinational firms and innovation in the newly introduced “Global Business, Finance and Governance” field at SGH, and interfaced with faculty on additional program development in this area. I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the conference “New Forms of Innovation and Their Impact on Competitiveness: Enterprise, Industry and Country Perspective” organized by WERI in Warsaw, and presented my research at the International Warsaw Invention Show. I am conducting research on innovation ecosystems and innovation strategies of firms in transition economies, and had the opportunity to meet with experts in the field from Poland.

Subsequent to my Fulbright visit, I collaborated with SGH on an Erasmus grant that enabled me to visit and collaborate further with SGH. It also resulted in one student and one staff exchange from Georgia Tech and one faculty exchange from SGH. We hope to strengthen these collaborations and student exchanges over time.

My Fulbright experience in Poland was a truly enriching one. It has enabled me to develop strong professional bonds and friendships with my colleagues at SGH, who were generous and welcoming. It also helped me appreciate and understand the culture, history, strength, creativity and resilience of the Polish people. I greatly appreciate the Fulbright program officers in both the US and Poland who were supportive and encouraging, and made the process a very enjoyable one. I look forward to continuing the professional collaborations and friendships that began with my Fulbright Specialist Award.

Dr. Usha Nair-Reichert from the Georgia Institute of Technology was a Fulbright Specialist at the Warsaw School of Economics in 2015.