Media Literacy: Can we catch the (algo)rhythm?

Conference in Warsaw

New technologies and digital media shape today’s world and along with that – our democracies and our societies. Technology development has created both opportunities and threats to the way we think about information, politics and relationships. In order to understand it and use technology to our benefit, we need to be media literate. In previous decades, media literacy and media education mostly emphasized critical thinking, the need to understand how information is created and how media outlets are organized. Today, there are many more challenges. With the development of algorithms, machine learning and social media platforms, it becomes unclear who creates information, how its flow is constructed and how our data is handled. The patterns of both media creation and media consumption have changed. We are no longer in charge of the choice of information we receive, we tend to close up in our own bubbles and with all of the connections at hand – become more and more disconnected. 

Can media education be a remedy here and let us keep up with the pace of technology development? Is school doomed to always be ‘one step behind’? Is it possible to understand the functioning of algorithms with their ever-changing logic? Can we catch their rhythm? 

We invite you to discuss these matters during a day-long conference in Warsaw. 


This event has been cancelled.