Maciej Ujejski

In 2021 the Fulbright Program celebrates its 75th anniversary (in Poland, the Program has been present for 62 years). We are joining this celebration by presenting monthly Fulbright alumni stories that showcase the positive impact of the Program on local and global communities. Each of these stories reflects the theme of the month. The October theme is “Leaders and Leadership” and our Fulbright story focuses on Maciej Ujejski, who talks about his work in the field of leadership with particular emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. More information about the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program can be found at

As a Fulbright Scholar, I am an Ed.M. Candidate in Human Development and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After graduation, I plan to work as a lecturer and facilitator of adult development, with particular emphasis on the topic of leadership as well as diversity, equity and inclusion

During the Fall semester, I participate in five courses on various topics, such as developmental insights, adult development, exercising leadership and public narrative. Some of these courses are taught by lecturers from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Additionally, along with fourteen fellows in the HGSE Equity and Inclusion Fellowship, and on behalf of the university, I will be participating in a practicum experience in one of the departments of the City of Somerville. As part of the practicum, together with another fellow, we will be supporting the department in activities aimed at promoting equality and inclusiveness in the city.

On a daily basis, I am managing The Flying Mind Foundation, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary next year. In 2016, I co-founded the Leadership Academy for Poland—a non-partisan, social initiative whose main purpose is to provide outstanding Poles with access to world-class leadership and management education. In 2015, I co-created “Smogathon” —the project, whose main goal was to fight air pollution with innovation and technology, initially started as a 24-hour, multidisciplinary hackathon for citizens.

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