Victoria Wiernikouskaja

Who I am:

I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk and the Medical University of Gdansk. I am an ambitious and enthusiastic person who is interested in exploring the world at the molecular level as well as through traveling. During my studies, I have had the opportunity to complete internships in various places, both in Poland and abroad, working on different topics and model organisms. Currently, I am working on my master’s project at the Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry, focusing on the mechanism of action of chaperones in the reactivation of proteins from aggregates.

My BioLAB work in the lab focuses on:

I am excited to join Dr. Lukasz Joachimiak’s lab to study protein science, specifically the process of protein aggregation and disaggregation by chaperones. My project will include both computational and wet lab parts, providing a comprehensive exploration of these vital biological processes.

I decided to apply for a BioLAB program because:

Participation in the BioLAB program provides me with an exceptional opportunity to immerse myself in the research environment of the United States. This experience will allow me to grow both personally and professionally. The program’s projects are innovative and solve modern scientific problems to which I want to contribute. I look forward to learning new methodologies and enhancing my existing skills in a supportive environment under the guidance of experienced scientists. This opportunity not only expands my professional toolkit, but also allows me to engage in cultural exchange and networking. BioLAB promises to offer me invaluable experience and connections that will be vital to my future career.

After completing my BioLAB Program I would like to:

After this internship, I would like to develop further as a scientist.

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center
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