Paulina Kubylis

Senior Program Officer

I’m a program coordinator for the Core U.S. Scholar program and U.S. Student Researchers program. I’m also coordinating the Fulbright Buddies initiative. I’m on the Fulbright Specialist program administering it and assisting in logistic arrangements. On a daily basis, I’m supporting all our American grantees during their long term stays and short visits to Poland who are hosted by a variety of Polish academic and research institutions. Feel free to reach out to me to check on the opportunities your institution has in getting linkage with American scholars and supporting their projects in Poland. 

I am studying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and developing my empathy skills. Cooperation is my other top value in life. Outside work, I enjoy contact with nature. I spend lots of time with my sons, trying to make them feel citizens of the world also by taking responsibility for the environment and standing for equality and equity among people. 

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