Michał Nizio

Who I am:

I am 4th year student at the Medical University of Warsaw. I am fascinated by immunology and cancer research with an emphasis on cell plasticity in tumor microenvironment.

Currently, I am working in two laboratories. The first one is the Laboratory of Immunology at Mossakowski Medical Research Institute. I am involved in a project focused on delivering immune-activators to macrophages and measuring their antitumor response. At the same time, I am working in the Department of Immunology at the Medical University of Warsaw. The work of this lab focuses on developing new technologies to improve the functionality of mRNA in the immunotherapy of tumors.

Outside of the lab, I like indoor rock climbing. In the summer I enjoy organizing inland cruises for my friends and participating in both inland and offshore ones.

My BioLAB work in the lab focuses on:

I will work in the laboratory focusing on metabolic mechanisms underlying the activation, plasticity, and function of fibroblasts. A major goal of this lab is deciphering the molecular mechanisms underpinning the plasticity of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts.

I decided to apply for a BioLAB program because:

I applied to the BioLAB program because I see this as a great opportunity for my scientific development. It will allow me to expand my knowledge and improve my laboratory skills. It could allow me to see the big picture of immunology and immunotherapy and help me come up with novel ideas to target many currently incurable diseases. The BioLAB program could allow me to meet people as passionate about this topic as I am, which would be of great value to me.

After completing my BioLAB Program I would like to:

After completing my BioLAB program, I would like to finish my M.D. degree and continue to conduct research in biomedical sciences. In the future, I wish to utilize both my medical background and scientific experience in my research.

  • University of Chicago
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