Martyna Iwaniec

Who I am:

I’m a Master’s Degree Biotechnology Student at Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk. I’m interested in proteomics and for my Master’s project I’ve been working on optimizing ultrasonically-assisted protein extraction and digestion in the Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry at the University of Gdansk.

My BioLAB work in the lab focuses on:

For my internship, I will be joining the research team led by Dr. James E. Casanova at the University of Virginia. My project will focus on exploring membrane trafficking in breast cancer. Specifically, I will be investigating the components of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)/plasma membrane contact sites, which are located in close proximity to focal adhesions, using mass spectrometry as one of the primary analytical techniques.

I decided to apply for a BioLAB program because:

It’s been my goal to apply to the BioLAB program ever since I got to know about it from the information meeting at my faculty. The BioLAB program presents a unique opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges by living and working in a different country.  I believe it’s a great way to kickstart a scientific career and get experience in the independent lab work.

After completing my BioLAB Program I would like to:

After the BioLAB program I would like to pursue Ph.D. studies in the United States or Europe. I believe this program will equip me with all of the necessary skills to succeed in a research environment abroad. I am eagerly anticipating the numerous opportunities that may arise after gaining this invaluable experience.

  • University of Virginia
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