Marek Giers

Who I am:

I am a medical biotechnology student at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. My research interests include targeted drug delivery in cancer, cancer immunology, synthetic biology, and neurobiology. In my Master’s thesis, I focus on the role of NK cells in endometriosis. I am part of a research group that studies the effects of activating nucleic acid sensing pathways via targeted agonist delivery to cancer cells. During the Erasmus+ internship at Delft University of Technology, I was able to pursue one of my interests – I studied minimal DNA segregation systems for synthetic cells. Now, I am also involved in a project where I evaluate HDAC family proteins and their impact on cancer stemness, immune infiltration, and clinical outcome using bioinformatic tools and publicly available databases.

Apart from science, I’m a big movie nerd, I enjoy reading and hiking (can be anywhere, from mountains to countryside flatlands).

My BioLAB work in the lab focuses on:

I am joining the research team of Professor Brian Gene Coon at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. The project will focus on how vascular malformation driver genes influence endothelial cells’ mechanotransduction, crucial for blood vessel remodeling, and potential therapeutic interventions for tumor-like vascular overgrowth.

I decided to apply for a BioLAB program because:

BioLAB Program offers an invaluable experience for my scientific journey, providing opportunities for learning new techniques and engaging in cutting-edge research. Also, a one-year trip to the U.S. could be a challenge and a great life lesson.

After completing my BioLAB Program I would like to:

After completing BioLAB Program, I would like to continue doing research and apply for a PhD.

  • Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
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