Barbara Klaudel

Graduate Student Award

Field of study (Dyscyplina nauk): Computer Science (Informatyka)

Grant objective (Projekt realizowany w USA): studia PhD in Informatics

Home institution (Instytucja macierzysta): Politechnika Gdańska, Wydział Elektroniki, Telekomunikacji i Informatyki

Host institution (Instytucja goszcząca): University of Missouri-Columbia, Graduate school

Location (Lokalizacja):  Columbia, Missouri

Kim jestem / Who I am:

I co-lead an interdisciplinary research group TheLion.AI devoted to creating AI-based open-source solutions for healthcare. Our group focuses on solving specific problems requested by doctors and creating generalizable methods for AI in healthcare. 

In May, we are releasing 2 of our largest projects so far:

– UMIE – the largest in the world dataset for radiological imaging tasks with unified ontology.

– APTEKA – Polish Medical Large Language Model.

I like working on developing projects as well as acting as an intermediary between engineers and healthcare professionals. I teach medical doctors and students from the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology about AI. It is important for me to work on projects that are both innovative and useful.

Mój projekt będzie dotyczył / My Fulbright grant focuses on:

I am going to pursue a PhD in Informatics. My priorities for a PhD are to expand my understanding of machine learning in healthcare research and to be a part of an established research community that has extensive experience with models that have been implemented in the real clinical setting and has set guidelines and research directions for other teams around the world. I want to work on generalizable methods to lower the entry barrier for AI innovations in healthcare and create multimodal medical foundation models.

Do złożenia wniosku o stypendium Fulbrighta zachęciło mnie / I decided to apply for a Fulbright grant because:

I wanted to pursue a PhD in the US. The Fulbright grant made it viable.

Po zakończeniu stypendium chciał(a)bym / After completing my Fulbright grant I would like to:

With the experience gained during the PhD, I hope to help write guidelines and work on creating datasets and models that might be a building block for our own foundation models that would help to transform Polish and worldwide healthcare.

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