Antonina Gonet

Who I am:

I am a student at Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Biology. However, I am preparing my Master’s project at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, in the Department of RNA Structural Research. Through crystallography, I investigate the structure-function relationship of RNA oligomers, especially those with post-transcriptional modifications.

I pursued my passion for travel and science through two internships in France, one of which was at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, where I delved deeper into the mysteries of protein crystals.

I spend my free time learning a new language (currently Spanish) or immersing myself in cultural events. When finances and time allow, I love to travel.

My BioLAB work in the lab focuses on:

developing potent small molecules for therapeutic applications in Parkinson’s disease and beyond, targeting the human D2 dopamine receptor (DRD2). I will have the pleasure of working under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Rosenbaum.

I decided to apply for a BioLAB program because:

it offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in high-quality research and make a real contribution to the scientific and medical worlds. It provides a chance not only to enhance knowledge and master hard skills but also to build a scientific network and challenge oneself in a totally new environment.

On a personal level, I believe the program will promote my empowerment, confidence, and drive my self-development as an independent researcher.

After completing my BioLAB Program I would like to:

continue my career as a Ph.D.

  • UT Southwestern Medical Center
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