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Kacper Dziekan foto Berkeley 1To say that my Fulbright fellowship at UC Berkeley was amazing is an understatement. The opportunities that come with this grant are so great and so diverse that it is hard to juxtapose them all in one short story. The year I spent in California brought a fulfillment in my academic, professional and personal life. I had a chance to engage with peers who are second to none in my field. I received fantastic support from my supervisor and other professors. The academic environment at this huge university was itself worth spending a large part of each day on campus. Combined with rich cultural and entertaining programs available in this academic city, my stay in Berkeley was a great balance of hard work and fun.

Not to mention the proximity of one of its kind San Francisco, wine regions of Napa and Sonoma, cutting-edge high-tech areas of Silicon Valley as well as Pacific Ocean and redwood trees. It all makes the Bay Area a fascinating place to live for such a period. Another perk of having so much time in America is the traveling opportunities that come with it. During my stay I managed to visit some quite different parts of the USA, which allowed me to have a first-hand experience of how diverse America is.

I cannot finish my story without mentioning great friendships I built during my fellowship. Throughout my life I have been always trying to get to know new places with locals. I honestly believe that there is no better way to learn about countries and cultures than from the people who represent them. I had a chance to visit some of my friends in their hometowns which was probably the best experience I had.

Kacper Dziekan był stypendystą Fulbright Junior Research Award w roku akademickim 2019-20.

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