Inter-country Travel Grant

Take advantage of the Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant to create connections with your fellow scholars, colleagues, and institutions in your field in Poland. Polish higher education institutions, student organizations, and non-profits may apply for a travel grant from the Fulbright Commission to support short visits by American Fulbright scholars placed in a European country other than Poland.

Current U.S. Fulbright Scholars in Poland may also benefit from Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant opportunities elsewhere in Europe. Please ask the inviting institution in your planned destination country to find out whether the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in that country offers Inter-Country Travel Grants.

Purpose of the visit

  • guest lecture,
  • meeting with students or faculty,
  • active participation in a conference.

Call for applications

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis during the academic year (from October to June).

Our offer

The Inter-Country Travel Grant funded by the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission covers your travel expenses from your current host city in Europe to the host city in Poland (economy class train/bus/plane tickets) and the costs of local transportation (in total up to 1.000 USD) for a maximum of 5 days of your activity in the receiving country. The Polish host institution is expected to cover other resulting expenses (including meals and lodging).

How to arrange an Inter-Country visit to Poland

Locate the institution

Locate a higher education and/or research institution in Poland that you wish to visit. You can use for example

Make arrangements and ask host institution to apply

Get in touch with your potential host institution in Poland, agree on the dates, content, and practicalities of your visit and confirm the host institution’s willingness to finance your local expenses. Please note that the inter-country visit must take place during the period of your Fulbright grant and cannot collide with any of your Fulbright grant-related commitments or duties.

For the application form and instructions, refer your Polish host institution to the Polish version of this website. Within 7 business days, we will send the grant decision and details of the grant as well as other important information to help with your travel plans. The message will be cc’ed to the Fulbright Commission in the country where you are currently residing as a Fulbright grantee or to the US Embassy if you are a Fulbrighter in a European country that does not have a Fulbright Commission. This is simply to confirm that your host Commission/Embassy has no objections to the travel.

Enjoy your trip to Poland!

After the visit, fill out the feedback form and your travel costs will be reimbursed either directly to you or to your host institution in Poland as agreed specifically upon in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, both Polish institutions and American scholars can apply for the Inter-Country Travel Grant multiple times.

After we receive completed bank details and a Reimbursement Claim Form with clear, readable scans or electronic copies of tickets, invoices etc., we will make the transfer within 7 business days. We can only make bank transfers in Polish zlotys (PLN) or US dollars (USD).

Yes, just send an email to the Program Officer.


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