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Are you our alumna or alumnus? Would you like us to share your story? Send it to [email protected]. Testimonials are invaluable source of information about Fulbright grants – by sharing yours, you are helping future generations of Fulbrighters.

Joanna Śliwa

It has been a few years since my Fellowship ended, but my immersion in Polish language, culture, and daily life has had a durable and meaningful effect on me as a person, educator, and scholar.

Melinda R. Pierson

When I arrived as a Fulbright Scholar, it was clear that progress had been made because of our involvement and that the door was open for me to assist in the development of innovative programs.

Angela Brintlinger

Reviving my graduate school interest in and knowledge of Polish language was really fun and will prove useful in my career in future.  I was able to confidently state that the whole city was my conversation partner, as I worked on my speaking and comprehension skills.

Tiffany Grobelski

I spent an unforgettable year in Warsaw on a U.S. Student Research Grant. The knowledge and experience I gained during that time continue to enrich all aspects of my life; I sometimes joke that Fulbright is the gift that has never stopped giving…

Stan L. Breckenridge

Being deeply moved by the number of students whose research interests centered on some aspect of American and more specifically African American culture, my fondness for Polish culture, and by my success as a lecturer and performer got me interested in extending my Fulbright Award through the 2013-2014 academic year.
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