Ania Holubecki

During my Fulbright grant, I learned two things: I learned to be flexible and I also learned to stand up for myself. You know, when you need something, it is kind of your responsibility to go up to someone and let them know that there’s something that needs to be done.

Amanda Wolosz

Poland should be on your list. It's a beautiful place with so much history and the people and the food are just wonderful. Everybody is willing to come out of their way to help you as long as you're willing to go out there and ask. So, you really have to put yourself out there but it's one of those opportunities to really learn how to do that.

Katherine Tyrlik

For people who are applying, I would start early. I started looking for my affiliation in March of 2018 and then got the Fulbright in March of 2019 so the whole application took me one year. Start early and talk to people from the city.

Jamon Thomas

The particular area of research that I do which is bacteriophage research was founded here in Europe, specifically in Poland. It’s kind of monumental to come back to the same place where this type of research originated. I really enjoy the applicable nature of bacteriophage therapy and that was something that I was only able to get here in Poland.

Elanta Slowek

I chose Poland because I recently studied business and I am aware of the new government initiative to introduce innovation into this country and I was very interested in discovering more about what that means.

Natalia Ochman

There's so many wonderful things about Poland. I've learned so much about the political, the healthcare system, the child care system, the educational system, things that I can bring back to the United States and teach others about how it is in Europe.

Eri Nox

I'm researching the Polish avant-garde playwright Stanisław Witkiewicz. I became very interested in bringing his plays that are not well-known in America to American audiences. I'm doing an adaptation of his 1920 play "Oni" into a modern English adaptation. My project is writing a show for a very traditional theater in Kraków and they love what I’m doing.

Caitlin Mello

I had a different expectation of what education would look like. There are some differences between the United States and Poland. I came from a bigger school and now I'm in a very small school in Chełm so it's just a very different kind of teaching and learning environment.

Frankee Lyons

I study modern Eastern Europe and Poland. I chose Poland because of its unique history. It is a unique place, this crossroads of Europe, and a really amazing key study for a lot of the modern issues that people face today, such as migration and nation-building.
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