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Richard Egan


Richard “Rickey” Egan is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where he earned an honors degree in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. While enrolled, he participated in international student organizations on an almost daily basis, including International coffee hours, Delaware Diplomats, and even founded his own resident student organization aimed at improving local-international student relations on campus. In 2018-19 Egan is studying atmospheric chemistry at the University of Warsaw under Dr. hab. Tomasz Gierczak.


As a sophomore, Richard traveled to Germany where he researched genetically-modified microorganisms for applications in biofuel production at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. In his junior year, Egan traveled to the National University of Singapore where he studied transport phenomena on the Gilman Scholarship. Egan’s senior thesis was completed on the topic of solid-state chemistry, specifically the application of perovskites for photovoltaic applications. After graduation, Egan traveled to Hikone, Japan on the State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship to study Japanese.


As a Fulbright Researcher, Egan hopes to improve our understanding of fundamental atmospheric chemistry and particulate formation concepts for use in more complicated models and predictive simulations. This contribution is offered in an effort to help ascertain the specific chemical mechanisms involved in the formation of the debilitating and deadly smog that results in an estimated 10,000 premature deaths in Poland every year.


After his Fulbright research grant, Egan hopes to work in a research capacity at the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency on the topic of atmospheric chemistry and air pollution.

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